Friday, July 27, 2007


Swago/Swatonah Campers.
The camps have been officially sold . The rumor is that the buyer cannot create new structures for 25 years. Based on the two large RV's on the Outdoor basketball camp I think the new owner is ok with that. There are also a bunch of four wheelers and other toys that have made it onto Swago.
From what I understand all the structures with the exception of a few will be taken down over the next few months. Seems like they will keep the front office, Nature shack and Marty's wood shop. Most of everything else is in shambles or unsafe to enter but to not have the structures there at all will be a sad day.
The good news is that the grass is cut and Swago looks as beautiful as it ever has. I was with my son who is 7 and has only heard stories of Swago but has never seen it in person. Finding the grounds well kept was a pleasant surprise and we walked around freely. We managed to get into the lake which was just unbelievable. Being in the midle of the lake with Jimmy's Hill, Swago and Swatonah surrounding you is magical.
For any of those who are thinking of visiting my suggestion is too hurry as Swago and Swatonah as we knew them will always be a beautiful place but without any existance of the structures we lived in.
I was able to take with me the Green/White Life preserver that was always at the waterfront. Pretty Ironic.